{ashes & bloom} post card


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  • 1. ash tree 01
  • 2. ash tree 02
  • 3. walk
  • 4. ash tree 04
  • 5. spring
  • 6. hug
  • 7. in your heart
  • 8. eyebrow moon
  • 9. blossom
  • 10. bloom

ashes : This is a series of story about ‘ashman’ who is an imaginary person and a girl. ‘ashman’ is the embodiment of something that is not able to see or touch but still is piled up somewhere in your mind, like the literal ash which is dust or powder that is left after something is burnt.

bloom : I drew these pictures while waiting for the blooming spring. The characteristics of plant and flower give the impression of women’s curvaceous line and sensitivity, and their freshness, vitality and the way they wilt for the next season seem graceful.

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paper : rendezvous 240g
size : 105 × 150 mm
included : post card + two kinds of sticker + business card